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Celebration at the Monitor Barn

I came to the University of Vermont as a Nutrition and Food Science Major. Now, as I’m preparing to graduate in the spring, I’m figuring out how what I’ve studied in school will apply to the real world.

This semester, I've interned with the Northeast Organic Farming Association with a focus on Agricultural Literacy Week. Ag Literacy Week is from November 18th-22nd and is designed to educate and involve communities in understanding the importance of eating local, supporting sustainable practices, and buying from local farmers. I  recently wrote for the NOFA blog about how I’ve built my own ag literacy over my time as a student at the University of Vermont and what my work for NOFA-VT has meant. As I note in that article,

“We hear “support your farmer,” “buy local,” and “go organic” on a regular basis, but the point of Agricultural Literacy week is to find a meaning in those statements for every individual at every age. . . . For me, I have found that agriculture is much larger than a definition or a project. Understanding and appreciating agriculture comes with a fulfilling feeling of community awareness, health appreciation, and an intense desire to educate.”

(Read the full piece on under advocacy for agriculture blogs)

As part of Ag Literacy Week, I have taken on organizing a community dinner at the West Monitor Barn in Richmond, VT (off exit 11 on 89). On Friday, November 22nd, NOFA and the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (VYCC) will be sponsoring a FREE agricultural celebration with a focus on community awareness and health. From 4-8pm, come enjoy a locally sourced dinner and live music, alongside appearances from the VYCC farmers and Johanna Herron, Agricultural Development Specialist.

All are MORE than welcome to the convivial food preparation of a delicious homemade stew beginning at 4pm. Food will be sourced from Jericho Settlers Farm, Cabot Cheese, Red Hen Bakery, and the VYCC.

Burlington’s own, Pierre Dillon, Chris Here’s, Jack Shroeder, and Keegan O’Hara will be playing an awesome funk rock show which will begin at 6pm along with an open invitation for all community members to come and enjoy the prepared stew all FOR FREE!!!

Please join us in becoming more agriculturally literate and starting the conversation on the importance of awareness. It is sure to be an awesome night with great food, lots of friends, and killer live music!

Maggie Callahan is a student at the University of Vermont and intern at NOFA-VT

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