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Graze and Gaze Farm

Graze and Gaze is a family farm located in Barre, VT. Bill and Loretta along with help from their adult children, Bill, Rachel, Andrew, and Joe, raise grass fed beef, pastured pork, free range chicken and eggs, broiler chickens, and turkeys, both traditional and heritage breeds. All of their animals are humanely and naturally raised with year round access to the outdoors. Beef is rotationally grazed. Pigs are pastured and supplemented with hay and grain. There is no routine use of antibiotics or other medications. Hormones are never used. Cows are vaccinated against common pathogens including rabies. Customers are welcome by appointment to visit to purchase products at the farm stand or to checkout the cows, pigs, turkeys and chickens. Be sure to call 802-479-2778 or 802-249-8547 prior to visiting.

Graze and Gaze Farm

253 Phelps Rd
Barre, VT 05641

Hours of Operation

By appointment only. Call 802-479-2778 or 802-249-8547.

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