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Thornhill Farm

Thornhill Farm grows winter rye and elderberries on a hill farm in Greensboro. The winter rye is certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers.  Organic certification for the elderberries will be applied for in 2019. The rye is milled or delivered as berries to bakeries in Northern Vermont. The farm has also grown barley for two years. Malted, smoked milled barley and milled rye are delivered to Caledonia Spirits for mashing to make Thornhill Farm rye whiskey. The rye harvest and re-planting extends from the second week in August through the third week of September. Fresh elderberries are harvested and available the first two weeks of September.

Through Hipcamp, camping on the farm is available in the elderberry orchard, with access to water and a campfire. There are beautiful views of the fields of rye and the forests. The farm is a few minutes from Hill Farmstead Brewery, with Willey’s Store and the beach at Caspian Lake. The farm is 20 minutes from Hardwick where Caledonia Spirits offers tours, tasting, and retail sales.

Thornhill Farm

198 Taylor Rd
Greensboro, VT 05842

Hours of Operation

By appointment or camping reservation.

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