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Criteria for Place Listing

How to list your business

DigInVT place listings are agricultural or culinary businesses that offer the public an authentic Vermont food experience.

We build our database from the membership of our partner organizations (listed on the About Us page).

These partners verify places' information, verify that locations accept visitors for at least part of the year, keep the information up to date, and cover listing fees as part of their dues. The DigInVT partners also work together to run marketing and promotions for  members that appear on DigInVT. Members of partner organizations are featured in the biweekly e-newsletter, blog, and social media, as well as in printed promotions and materials. 

If you are a member of one of the partner organizations and do not appear on our site, please contact [email protected] to update the database. If you would like to update or expand your profile, you can let us know what needs to be changed with this form.

If you are not a current member of one of these organizations, you can join the site by joining a DigInVT partner organization or independently if you meet comparable criteria (see below) and pay an annual listing fee. Fees are $50 for non-restaurants or $65 for restaurants / eateries that operate independently of a farm. The form for joining is here

Listing Criteria:

To be included on this site, the appropriate DigInVT member has verified that all listings met the following criteria:

  • Comply with all applicable regulations - this includes regulations for commercial sale of products 

  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment for visitors 

  • Offer a product of which 75% originates in Vermont or 85% of its value is finalized in VT - additionally, wines must be made from at least 75% Vermont grown grapes / fruit

  • Be open and set up for visitors year round or seasonally with visiting times clearly communicated

  • Be an active member in good standing of at least 1 organization represented on the Council or meet the relevant criteria and pay an additional fee for application processing.

*Restaurant / Eatery & Specialty Food Makers:

We additionally verify that restaurants (and similar eateries) make regular local food purchases for their menu, supporting the local farm economy, and introducing diners to high quality Vermont products. All restaurants must:

1) Purchase from at least four local farmers

2) 15% of annual food purchases are Vermont grown or raised

3) Include on the menu, at all times of year, a range of local Vermont ingredients 

Specialty food makers who make a product outside of the items covered by DigInVT partner organizations (ie not beer, cider, cheese, maple, orchards, or wine) and are not themselves a farm need to certify that their product features locally grown or raised ingredients. This can be done through through partnerships with farms, or sourcing the majority of ingredients (other than water) from farms in Vermont (majority is measured by weight, volume, or value). 

Site Features

A detailed overview of features available to listed places is found in this document.


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