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Chef Jeff Scott Inspires with his Late Summer Creations

West Mountain Inn's Chef Jeff Scott Keeps it Simple with Fresh, Local Ingredients

Arlington's West Mountain Inn Chef Jeff Scott has endless appreciation for his farm partners and has worked with some for sixteen years! "For me, it is awesome to know personally the different people who have had a hand in a dish, and I know when I share this with people I get a little giddy. I think so many chefs just don't get that opportunity to know the producers or visit the places their food comes from, and I have visited with my farmers and producers and get to talk to them often-even during the winter," Chef Scott


What is Chef Scott excited about right now?
Corn and tomatoes, of course!


Chef Scott has a "less is more" philosophy for letting fresh ingredients shine-"the more simply I make things, the better it highlights the product." He shows this in his elegant roasted corn and tomato relish which beautifully accompanies fish. "Just a couple of ingredients that blend well together can really jump with flavor."

Chef Scott shares his Roasted Corn and Tomato Relish technique!  

"I roast the corn on the grill in its husk so that it steams itself. I do not soak the corn in water-I think that it tastes better without added moisture. Then I peel and seed some tomatoes-I don't like the added moisture from the seeds. I cut the corn of the cob. I usually just use it as it falls of the cob so that I get some big pieces of corn. I then add an equal amount of chopped tomatoes, some fresh chopped parsley, a little chopped garlic, some champagne vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper and a whole lot of love. Simple ingredients treated well with love. Enjoy."

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