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Concerts, Cooking Classes, and our Hunger to Connect

“Blown away!” We weren’t talking about the wind. We were neighbors from Northfield, journalists from Montpelier and guests from Connecticut, basking in the glow of the barn, music and community. Mary Bonhang and Evan Premo and the talented colleagues they assemble for Scrag Mountain Music concerts seem to have a blast playing in our barn. 

The musicians say it is because during the farm suppers they begin connecting with you who attend, sharing the meal, watching the goats, figuring out the key of a certain farm sound! And we in the audience are more enthralled than typical. We ate with the musicians, know them to be mortals—folks who share our penchant for farm fresh food. Connecting is not only a hunger, it is a feast.

Our farm sells tangible products from eggs and heirloom tomatoes to chorizo, from catered meetings and tours to farmstays. We offer multiple full diet, year round, free choice farm shares. What our customers value is that we sell these products in the beautiful context that makes the products special in the first place! So here is where it gets complicated.  Green Mountain Girls Farm transactions include intangibles, the kind of things American Express has tagged with a value of priceless. 

Together with our colleagues in the Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative, we organize hands-on farm experiences. This winter, Ariel’s Restaurant Chef Lee Duberman is teaching a series of cooking classes at our farm. Richard Fink, Ariel’s co-owner pairs wine to accompany what the class prepares. When the table of 12 sits to enjoy the meal there is a sense of joy and belonging. The food is to die for. We feast on the unique connections made possible by the fresh food, the talents of gifted teachers, the promise of new friends and enhanced community.

We hope you join us for upcoming concerts and classes or visit the farm soon. In the meantime, feast on the farm’s ambient beauty via the web and connect with us!

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