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From Forest to Feast- A Chef Story

The Kitchen Table Bistro

“Foragers are coming out of the woodwork,” Steve Atkins, chef/owner of the Kitchen Table remarked jokingly. All puns aside, The Kitchen Table Bistro (KTB) is known for their creative use of seasonally foraged ingredients. Steve receives calls daily from foragers hoping to see their harvest on the plates of his critically acclaimed restaurant.

What is Chef Steve excited about?

Wild Ramps…

Wild leeks have a short, concentrated growing season and, while in supply, Chef Steve celebrates ramps creatively and they work their way into many KTB dishes. While we spoke, Chef Steve was preparing his wild ramp romesco sauce, which blends grilled ramps with red pepper and almonds into a coarse puree. Pickling ramps is another favorite at KTB. Chef Steve will pair his pickled ramps simply—with a tartar or pate, or create a pickled ramp relish that’s perfect for fish. The Kitchen Table Bistro’s restaurant week menu is filled with ramps and their new patio beckons spring diners.  

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