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From Forest to Feast, a Forager's Story

Hermit's Gold Wild Edibles

Colin McCaffrey is obsessed with wild things. Taught about wild edibles and natural medicinal plants by his mother and grandfather, Colin spent his childhood hunting, fishing, and foraging in Southern Vermont. In college, he found himself using the forest as his classroom, focusing on identifying species - especially mushrooms.

What is Colin excited about?

His hunt for morels...

 Morels need the moisture of a wet spring to really flourish, with little rain in the forecast Colin is keeping his spirits up by foraging for other seasonal wild edibles. He is already harvesting wild leeks, fiddleheads, nettles, toothwort, and pepper root—which Colin described as a mix between wasabi and wild ginger. Colin works under the name of Hermit’s Gold Wild Edibles in Washington County and the Northeast Kingdom and you can find his wild edibles on the table at Hen of the Wood, Frida's, and at the Plainfield Coop.     

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