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How sweet it is...

On a brisk winter's day, a rag-tag group of restaurant-industry veterans made the trip to Eden . . . not Eden, Vermont - further than that, to West Charleston up near the Canadian border. This group went to visit Eden Specialty Ciders where they were let in on a little secret. . . winter's sweetest and brightest syrup comes from a frozen batch of heirloom cider. 

We typically celebrate apples and their juice around the end of harvest season in the fall, but that's just the beginning for orchardists and cidermakers at Eden whose pressing goes through an extra-magical- step of transformation before fermentation.

Once the cold hits in the winter, Eden's special blend of pressed cider goes outside to freeze and thaw and freeze again, following the natural rhythm of a Vermont winter to concentrate the sugars and bright apple flavor. The first 10% to melt becomes the liquid gold we know as ice cider and the rest transforms into Eden's exquisite line of wine-style ciders and herbal aperitifs. It's truly making the most out of every apple. Take a look!  

Eden Specialty Cider Orchard and Farm - West Charleston, Vermont

Frozen Cider and Syrup Tasting

Cider Tasting and Lunch at the Northeast Kingdom Tasting Center - Newport, Vermont


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