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Of Land and Local

This weekend, I got a chance to see Of Land and Local, an art exhibit at the Burlington City Arts gallery on Church Street in Burlington. It was, admittedly, not opening night (that was in September) - but the exhibit is appearing both at the BCA gallery and locations around the state through October, November, and the first week of December, so there is still time to see it. A full schedule is found here.

Jean Luc Dushime, Of Land and Local

Burlington City Arts describes the exhibit as a multidisciplinary exploration of place, initiating a conversation about Vermont's landscape. They note that artists and farmers are key to building the cultural fabric of Vermont, and that while culture defines place, physical places also define culture. In the press release about the exhibit, Vermont Tourism Commissioner Megan Smith says:

"Land is intrinsically tied to history and memories,Of Land and Local asks Vermonters and visitors to explore these connections, what formed our perception as well as use of Vermont’s land and landscape, and how that shapes us as individuals and as a community."

The Vermont Department of Tourism is a partner in both the Of Land and Local exhibit and Seven Days Newspaper is the third sponsoring partner of the art exhibit.


Diane Gabriel, Of Land and Local

For someone like me who has grown up in rural Vermont there is also the basic interest in seeing what is everyday turned into something that is art. Spectacular foliage and sweeping views of idyllic farm fields speak to the heart of even the most blase Vermonter, but art like Of Land and Local reminds us to find significance in the most familiar objects and to think about what has shaped the place where we live our daily lives.

It should go without saying that we would recommend pairing the visual appreciation of Vermont's agricultural heritage with gustatory appreciation as well. One short trip can engage all five senses. Check out our Places page to find restaurants in the area to vist after a trip to one of the galleries featuring Of Land and Local. 

What other current art exhibits celebrate our farm lands? Let us know any you enjoy. You can also find statewide guides to art in the events section of the Vermont Department of Tourism Trip Planner, from the Vermont Arts Council, and from Art Hounds on VPR.


Abby Mannock, Of Land and Local
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