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The Inn at Weathersfield and Black Watch Farm, a Partner Story featuring Chef Jason Tostrup's Braised Black Watch Beef Short Rib Recipe

Chef Jason Tostrup of The Inn at Weathersfield enjoys any opportunity to talk about his experience with Frank Manafort and Black Watch Farm. When Chef Jason first approached Frank about using his prize winning Highland Cattle at the Inn, Frank wasn’t even raising his cows for meat, just for show. The Highland breed is especially suited to the Vermont climate. Its tender and flavorful beef is also rich in omega-3’s. Frank and Jason worked together experimenting with feed, finish, and hanging weight to develop the most delicious product possible. Black Watch was the first of Jason's many farmer partnerships, it helped him develop his philosophy which guides all of his farmer relationships. 

For Chef Jason, a strong partnership has three components; quality product, an understanding of the farmer’s usage and intentions towards his land, and the ability to create a mutually sound financial agreement. “Taking the time to listen to each other and understand one another’s business and practices is crucial to forming a working relationship” Chef Jason explains, “when partnerships fail, it’s usually due to misunderstanding each others businesses.”  Respect and understanding is clearly at the core of Frank and Jason’s relationship. Black Watch Farm is now supplying over 20 restaurants and retail stores, and is a highlight of The Inn at Weathersfield’s prestigious menu. Chef Jason was generous enough to share his recipe for Braised Black Watch Beef Short Ribs with a Delicata Squash Puree, Cider Soy Glaze, and Mango Salsa.

Chef Jason uses Black Watch Short Ribs, Woods Cider Mill Boiled Cider, Deep Meadow Farm Squash, and sources the rest locally whenever possible!

Braised Black Watch Beef Short Ribs
Delicata Squash Pure -Cider Soy Glaze -Mango Salsa


Short Ribs

      4 lb bone in short ribs

      1 cup chopped onion

      ½ inch ginger

      1 orange- sliced

      2 cup red wine

      3 tbl soy sauce

      3 tbl hot sauce /garlic chilli paste

      3 cinnamon Stick

      1 branch rosemary

      1 head whole garlic

      water to cover

      salt and pepper

      2 tbl olive oil

      Take all ingredients for the short ribs, excluding the water, and marinade for 24 hour prior to cooking.

      Set oven to 325. Remove short ribs from marinade, strain off the liquid and save.

      Season Short ribs with salt and fresh ground pepper

      Using a Dutch oven or heavy bottom skillet and olive oil over high heat place meat side down and brown meat on both sides. Once browned remove beef and add vegetables from the marinate to the pan and lightly caramelize.

      Once vegetables have browned add marinade back into the pan and reduce until half the liquid has evaporated.

      Add water to just cover the short ribs bring to a simmer, cover and place into oven to braise for 3 hours, or until tender and just falling off the bone.

 Cider Soy Glaze

      ½ cup sweet soy

      ½ cup boiled Cider

      Place ingredients into sauce pot and reduce by half

      Once ribs are braised brush glaze over cooked ribs

 Mango Salsa

      1 mango diced

      1/2 cup chop red onion

      2 limes juiced

      3 tablespoons chopped cilantro

      Salt and pepper to taste

      Mix all ingredients in bowl.

      Sprinkle over cooked ribs to garnish

Delicata Squash Puree

      4 Delicata squash- peeled and quartered

      ½ stick butter Butter

      1 teaspoon curry powder

      Place Squash in sauce pot cover with water and cook until tender.

      Place cooked squash in food processor and puree with butter until smooth

      Season with salt pepper and curry

      For plating, swoosh on base of place and nest ribs on top

*Black Watch Farms



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