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Flack Family Farm

Flack Family Farm is a small diverse multi-generational community-minded farm in the northeast corner of the USA, in the state of Vermont. Doug Flack began farming the land in 1978. The farm has grown and evolved to where, Doug and his wife, Barbara Flack, are now joined with a new generation of farmers.

The farming enterprises, managed by Zach Brandau and Julie Matranga, produce over 20 tons of fermented vegetables a year and much sought after grass-fed meats. The farm is dedicated to producing nutrient dense food and in developing and exchanging ideas on farming, nutrition, nature, art and community.

The farm is seasonal in nature. The season begins in early spring, with lambing and calving, and continues at high speed through the growing of crops until the sauerkraut and kim-chi have been made and the root crops harvested. During the winter months the animals are brought in from the fields and fed on round bales of haylage and minerals. The ground is frozen and usually covered in snow most of the winter. Early springs comes with mud-season and the arrival of lambs.

The pastures, fermented vegetables and medicinal herbs are certified organic through Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) and the farm incorporates biodynamic practices.

Flack Family Farm


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Spring, Summer, Fall

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