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Butter, Cheese and Yogurt Making Class | Earthwise Farm | Vermont Open Farm Week 2022

Earthwise Farm & Forest
341 McIntosh Hill Rd
Bethel, VT 05032

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Sat, Aug. 13, 2022 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

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LIsa McCrory

Learn how to make delicious butter, yogurt, ricotta cheese, and Fromage Blanc cheese from organic, grass-fed raw milk! The class is set up in the farmer's very own humble kitchen for hands-on learning, food tasting and discussions that can take the group all over the place...from the nutrient value of farm fresh milk and the joys of homestead farming, to having a family cow, buying local, and more.

Class participants will make enough cheese and butter to bring some samples home. Tickets are $50. Please register here.: 

For your personal home creations, Earthwise Farm will have some citric acid, butter muslin cloth, and yogurt and cheese cultures for sale. Fresh organic raw milk will also be available so you can go home with all the ingredients to get started. There will be a handout for the class with directions for everything you'll make.

Earthwise Farm and Forest is a certified organic, draft-animal powered homestead farm located in Bethel, Vermont. Our mission is to grow healthy, vibrant, food and forest products for our customers and ourselves by applying Regenerative, Biodynamic, and Organic practices. Organic products for sale include: raw milk, heritage turkeys, pastured chicken, garlic, potatoes, cut flowers, tomatoes and assorted vegetables. We also sell (not organic) maple syrup and preserves and offer classes covering practical and spiritual applications to homestead farming and livestock management.

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