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Cenone - New Year's Dinner at the Farm | Agricola

2674 Jersey St
Panton, VT 05491

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Sun, Dec. 31, 2023 7:00 PM – 1:00 AM

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Sit down at the table with Agricola Farm at 7:30 for an authentic Italian feast like only Nonna Stefano can do.

The cenone (big dinner) is a long standing Italian traditions. In the US people have heard about the feat of the 7 fishes, which is typical of southern Italy, but all Italian regions and all families in Italy celebrate this event in their own way.

Agricola Farm takes this opportunity to really throw a memorable party. Their dinner features between 12 and 14 courses and all the food is made following authentic Italian recipes using mainly products from their farm. They usually cook for 4 days to prepare for this event. The portions are small so you can enjoy the whole meal without feeling overly stuffed. There are breaks and times to stretch and enjoy some peace or conversations at your table. This is also a time when past and present farm assistants join the activities at the farm to help prepare and serve the food.

It is a big party with a warm and fun atmosphere where guests have the opportunity to experience a neat Italian tradition without traveling too far. The menu changes every year but you can always count on cappelletti in brodo, cotechino and panettone, all rigorously made by Agricola Farm. These are the three dishes that you bet are on every Italian table.*

*Unfortunately, they cannot make accommodations for their friends that are gluten free for this event

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