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Farm Tour at Meadows Bee Farm | Open Farm Week 2022

4980 Windham Hill Rd
Windham, VT 05359

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Wed, Aug. 10, 2022 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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Raquel Master

Stop and see what is happening here at Meadows Bee Farm! Visitors will get a full tour of the farm to see what fruits and veggies are growing in the gardens and orchards, get a chance to meet the sheep and cows out in the pasture while they rotational graze, and have a snack of yogurt smoothie made from our own canned fruits and raw milk yogurt!

Meadows Bee Farm, founded in 2006, is a community-based farm where the relationship between humans, animals and soil is brought together to bring vitality to the Earth. The yare a non-profit, educational farm with a Raw Micro-Dairy, Shetland and Texel Sheep, chickens, Turkeys, and peafowl. Their aim is to educate and inspire others to grow healthy, delicious, and nutrient dense foods. As biodynamic and permaculture-oriented farmers, they consider themselves part of an integral system within the land using compost from their livestock to help fertilize the gardens and orchards.

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