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Black Dirt Farm

Black Dirt Farm is a diversified family farm in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. They collect food scraps from their community, forage hens, make compost and worm castings with the excess food and manure, and use them to nourish their soils and crops. The farm is firmly based in regenerative agricultural practices and the creation of sustainable food systems. The farmers are proud of their products and excited to share them with you. Stop by the "littlest farmstand ever" (or order ahead by phone or e-mail) for pasture raised eggs, meat birds, garden compost, worm castings, and seasonal greenhouse and field crops.

Black Dirt Farm

393 Stannard Mountain Rd
Stannard, VT 05842

Hours of Operation

Mon - Sun; 9:00am - 5:00pm

Best Season to Visit

Summer, Fall

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