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Health Hero Farm

Health Hero Farm raises 100% grass-fed beef on conserved land in South Hero. Through holistic, intensive grazing practices, they produce lush certified-organic forages for healthy, happy cows. Special breeds of beef cattle, their cows grow fast and finish well on grass, which produces high-quality, tender, juicy, and nutritious meat. Health Hero Farm is one of only six beef farms in Vermont that uses certified-humane practices. Frozen packages of their beef, as well as fresh organic vegetables and cheeses are sold at their farmstand and through their website. The farmstand also offers inexpensive organic treats and free water and air to bicyclists. Farm tours and camping opportunities are available by reservation.

Click for a video on YouTube about Health Hero's farming practices.

Health Hero Farm

350 W Shore Rd
South Hero, VT 05486

Hours of Operation

Daily; 8:00am - 7:00pm

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