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Molly Brook Farm

Molly Brook Farm has been in the Goodrich family since 1835 and Jersey cows have always grazed the pastures. All the cows on the farm have been registered since 1917, and just like the Goodrich family, the cow families at Molly Brook have been on the farm for generations. Each animal on the farm is known by name and has its own personality. Molly Brook has a "distinguished dairy" history and has received many awards and recognitions for their contributions to both the Jersey breed and farming in Vermont over the years. The farm is committed to animal care, land stewardship, and the hard work it takes to produce their high quality organic (since 2018) milk. Organic Jersey milk is packed with nutrients and an abundance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats that contribute to how healthy the milk is, as well as the rich and creamy flavor that makes it naturally delicious!

Molly Brook Farm

39 Cow Hill Rd
West Danville, VT 05873

Hours of Operation

By appointment only.

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