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Mt. Mansfield Creamery

Mt. Mansfield Creamery owners, Stan and Debora, milk their Holstein & Brown Swiss cows to produce a number of raw milk cheeses using recipes with European origins.   The cheeses are aged a minimum 60 days in their own cheese cave.  The cheese facility is in the heart of Morrisville, in the old United Farmers Creamery building. Not only did they renovate the building, but they built their own cheese cave in the basement. They wash and brush the rinds to keep them thin to ensure their product to be one hundred percent edible. Their French cheese is regularly washed using seasonal beers from local breweries, Rock Art and Vermont Pub and Brewery.

Mt. Mansfield Creamery

120 Pleasant St
Morristown, VT 05661

Hours of Operation

Call ahead. Cheese available for purchase on site.

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