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La Garagista Winery

La Garagista is located on Mount Hunger at the edge of the forest in the Chateauguay and in the Piedmont chain of hills in Barnard, Vermont.  They grow alpine wine and ciders.  The land has been part of small homestead farming for over two hundred years. On the farm, they attend to the care and observation of the native terroir, a whole-farm and diverse agriculture where they are not only growing wine, but also vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs for themselves and their tiny kitchen, and for the spontaneous, always last minute pop-up tasting room/wine bar and supper club Hart: tavernetta + bar a vinThe field and in the cellar are guided by organic, permaculture, and biodynamic thought.  See their website for tavernetta details and to sign up for the newsletter!

La Garagista Winery

1834 Mt Hunger Rd
Bethel, VT 05032

Hours of Operation

Visits available only through the pop-up tavernetta

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